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Margo Carr (BBC's Find Me The Funny)
Would like to go back in time and marry Chevy Chase, proudest moment was when she learned how to whistle.
Chris Wilmers Wil-mer-ly have you laughing
Conor Doyle Came to ComedyDublin from Kildare via Canada
Gaby Tzeschlock She really is an International comedian
Conal Carr Donegal's loss is comedy's gain, think Wet Wet Wet and Daniel Day Lewis and you're way off the mark.
Mark Hanratty Raps loss is Central Dublin's comedy gain
Kathleen King
The undisputed queen of Boston USA
Diane O'Connor A small package that packs a big punch

- Margo Carr
- Chris Wilmers
- Conor Doyle
- Gaby O'Reilly
- Conal Carr
- Mark Hanratty
- Kathleen King
- Diane O'Connor
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