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There is a host, a poet and a reciter The host asks the audience for two poems they’ve never heard of and the reciter recites these poems, off the cuff, while the poet is interviewed

The host of a party is sent out and the audience are asked for weird and wonderful occupations/powers. Each guest at the party gives the host clues that the host must guess.
Heavy Rotation

Players swap characters when ‘Rotate’ is called. Each player assumes the character of the player next to them. Chaotic to say the least!
Switch Interview

We ask the audience for any topics they would like us to discuss and then use as many as possible in a quick fire round.
Slo Mo

Two players host a world championship event with two competitors who act out the activities through slow motion

A knock out round in which nothing but questions can be spoken. Any statements and the audience gets you OUT!
Fairytale Replay

We play the audiences’ favourite fairytale with 2 unique twists.

Various versions of ways to tell the audience jokes just made up on the spot!"
Do Ron Ron

The old 50/60s song with a new twist. This is a knock out game
Don’t Ask Me No Questions.

The opposite of the questions game.
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