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Emotional Orchestra

We ask the audience for different emotions and occupations. Each player gets an occupation and an emotion. They then tell their own unique story while being conducted like an orchestra.
Blind Freeze Tag

Two players start a scene while the others face the wall. At some point one of the ‘blind’ players shouts ‘Freeze’, the next player in the line assumes the EXACT position of one of the previous players and a brand new scene starts.
Stage Directions

Players are sent out of the room and the audience is asked for a number of different movements, positions etc (e.g. Brush your hair, Jump). The players return and set up a scene and work the suggestions from the audience into the scene.

We set up a scene that is performed in 90 seconds. Then the same EXACT scene is done in 45 seconds and then 22 ½ seconds, 10 seconds and then there’s a twist which our wonderful audience decides upon.
Chain Death Murder.

One player stays in and send the others out. We then get a weird and wonderful location (non-geographical), an interesting occupation, and a murder weapon that you really couldn’t kill someone with. The players enter one at a time and through mime and gobbledygook the players discover what the things are (sometimes!).

One player is sent out of the room and two players interrogate the player when they come back as to which famous celebrity they’ve murdered (common choices are George Bush and Michael Jackson), where they were murdered and another weird murder weapon.

The players line up and tell the audience a story of whose content is determined by the audience. This is a knock out round until one player is left to finish the tale.

We ask the audience to write clips from their favourite movies, songs, television shows and we work them into a scene that the players enter and exit from.
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