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Mary Bourke - Muffragette

Muffragette is  a show about feminism without all the boring preachy bits!

Bourke’s obvious skill is such that the audience are never less than utterly delighted.’ ‘an accomplished and thoroughly enjoyable piece of work.’ Fest****
a great show that consists of nothing but jokes’ ‘Bourke’s comedy is savage in intent and surgical in execution.’ ‘Bourke goes in search of the original spirit of stand-up and reclaims it with style.’ The Skinny*****
Rattling off punch lines quicker than an express train’ GiggleBeats
this show is truly very funny’ ‘She has a superb delivery style and the audience loved it.’ Three Weeks*****
an hour packed with fine routines and beautifully written gags’ Scotsman


It got a number of four star reviews and was GQ magazine’s top 10 shows to see in Edinburgh

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